Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

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Simply add Water! Heat, Stir, Sip & Enjoy.
Makes 42oz. of Deep Rich Delicious Bone Broth
Jam-Packed with Collagen, Gelatin, Antioxidants, and Minerals
12-month Shelf Life Before Opening

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4 reviews for Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

  1. cathy

    I have made my own bone broth and I have bought other bone broths…and nothing compares to this product! It is so good and so convenient! As I was driving cross-country, I would go by coffee shops to get hot water to make my bone broth and it sustained me throughout my trip! I love it!!!! Thank you for making this!

  2. Michelle

    OH MY GOODNESS. It’s amazing.

  3. 2jolithgow

    I believe I have tried about every bone broth available and Birthright Nutrition has the best! The broth is so rich in flavor, I feel like my body is instantly absorbing all that goodness! I have made my own from scratch many times – especially after trying most of the other products available on the market in total disgust! Birthright certainly has the formula for a rich taste along with all that wonderful nutrition!
    And, I no longer have to bother with all the mess of making it myself!!! Thank you Birthright for making my life both less complicated and HEALTHY!! Joanne

  4. Janet

    Love this bone broth. Sometimes I just don’t eat right and always on the go. I have a cup in the morning and it gives me the energy I need and so easy to make! Other broths seem to have so much sodium and little flavor. Birthright is low in sodium and huge on flavor. Since I travel a lot, I like the fact that it has a long shelf life as well.

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